All of our transfers are high quality screen prints made with plastisol ink that is screen printed onto a release paper in reverse to apply to virtually any garment. All of our transfers are screen printed in house by the Rock Creek Apparel Team. These can be placed on 100% cotton or other blends we DO NOT recommend 100% polyester for long wear. THESE CAN ONLY BE APPLIED WITH A HEAT PRESS, NO IRONS. These prints come ready to press! These are a one-time use so there are NO REFUNDS given on transfers unless proof of print error. (We are human and make mistakes) These are all new transfers and if you press them correctly, they work, so we are not responsible for replacing transfers or refunding unless it is due to our error! Pressing instructions will be provided in each order. This is your responsibility to read these instructions for pressing. Each heat press is different, the instructions that are posted are the manufacturers recommended settings. I recommend pressing white ink longer and with more pressure. Also please read the washing instructions and inform customers of these as well!