Heat Press Settings: Temperature: 350*F, Pressure: Medium, Time: 7 Seconds
1. Preheat Platen: Prior to beginning, press empty pad for 3 cycles of 15 seconds.
2. Load Garment: Prior to pressing, open the bottom of the garment and slide it over the platen. If the garment is laid on top of the platen be sure to check for bleed through after pressing first garment.
3. Pre-press garment for 5-10 seconds
4. Position Transfer: Place transfer in desired location, ink side down.
DO NOT COVER WITH TEFLON SHEET, or any other sheet!
Do not place transfer on wrinkles, seams, or creases.
5. Press Transfer: Close heat press for 6-8 seconds.
6. Peel transfer while hot with a smooth steady motion.
** We recommend Pressing design again with a Teflon sheet or parchment paper to ensure the design will stay in place**
Trouble Shooting:
Problem: Transfer not sticking evenly on shirt:
Solutions: a. Increase pressure
b. Increase Temperature slightly
c. Peel transfer IMMEDIATELY after opening press.
d. Verify platen has been pre-heated.
e. Increase time.
Washing Instructions:
-Machine wash, Cold, turn garment inside out.
- Do not Bleach
-Tumble dry, low heat,
-Do not iron.